• October 12, 2014 /  grudge

    When I last left from my blog I was talking about how I and my girlfriend had plans for our future and all the sex we will have in near future. I logged in back after a long time and I must say I had been busier than rush hour in New York on black Friday sales. I should say even the black Friday might look fickle in front of the being busy I had been in last few months. I had been very busy you can understand how much. There are no ways I can tell everything within the word limit in this website. So I will tell you the story in brief and not so brief either that you get nothing of the story at all. So where was I?

    I had been too many places to remember now but I have enjoyed it all, so don’t hold a grudge against a man who had been having some fun and actions. So me and my girlfriend we are far too compatible for each other and we are enjoying the company of each other to the fullest. You will get more from m.p.a.

    We are running around like wild bulls around the city even the state. One day we stole my brother’s camper van and went off surfing the state. We were too much for the cops and they always looked for pot in there. My brother seriously is a pot head and there were smell all around the van.

    You should read the review and here’s more a www.rkdiscount.com. The smell drew the police near and they were disappointed to find nothing in the dead of the night. And then we came by the lake up a small cliff and sat there for some time watching the stars again. The teamskeetdiscount.net will give you a latest code. That was the first action we were going to have and we knew it. We knew that it was then and there going to happen but we didn’t want to make it pretentious and we still hoped for some spontaneous actions there even though we have both in our mind was waiting for it. She said no sometime when I said we should go for a ride in the van. I understood because there are lots of variable in the business of having sex.

    So when we got up from the sitting in the lake I intensely held her and kissed her passionately. I was a passionate man and I think that was felt. I yanked her off her feet and carried her to the van and slept her down in the back and yanked off her jeans and she tore through my shirt. You can collect a BRAZZERS.COM discount promo code from here. I don’t want to make it perverted so I will leave here. You get the idea.

  • August 1, 2014 /  patience

    My first sex was a disaster. I met a girl in my school and after being together for a while we finally decided to hit it off. While talking to her on the phone night after night, day after day, it was quite obvious to me that she needed it bad. We really clicked on our first date, having so many similarities and very less differences, she found me attractive which I was entirely unaware of. One day, she called me and asked me to spend some time with her, and by the sound of her voice I was quite sure that she was going through some hard time and I simply wanted to make her feel better.

    After sharing a bottle of wine and a joint, things started to get heated up between us, and before my mind could figure out what was going on, she was all over me. The softness and warmth of her body on mine made me all dizzy, and I started brushing my lips against all over her neck and ears, while my hand automatically started rubbing her clitoris which was already wet.

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